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Manufacturing data and formats

In order for the PCB manufacturer and client to immediately understand each other, we ask that you use the following data and file name links in your design work. When exporting from the CAD program, pack the necessary files (in*.zip or *.rar format) and name the set according to your own discretion – using the design name, number, etc. If you were to make changes to files already sent to Brandner PCB, please do not forget to add the version designation or number to the set name. This avoids the situation where the manufacturer might use the previous ‘incorrect’ version.


Data designation(type)
Format File name
Top layer (Top) Gerber RS-274X, 3/3 mm top.gbr
Bottom layer (Bottom) Gerber RS-274X, 3/3 mm bot.gbr
Innerlayers numbered from top to bottom Gerber RS-274X, 3/3 mm i2.gbr;i3.gbr;i4.gbr etc
Top soldermask (topmask) Gerber RS-274X, 3/3 mm topmask.gbr
Bottom soldermask (botmask) Gerber RS-274X, 3/3 mm botmask.gbr
Top silkscreen, legend, marking Gerber RS-274X, 3/3 mm topsilk.gbr
Bottom silkscreen,legend,marking Gerber RS-274X, 3/3 mm botsilk.gbr
Outline, border and cut outs Gerber RS-274X, 3/3 mm border.gbr
Top pastemask Gerber RS-274X, 3/3 mm toppaste.gbr
Bottom pastemask Gerber RS-274X, 3/3 mm botpaste.gbr
Drill file for plated holes (PTH) Excellon 2 3/3 mm plated.drl
Drill file for nonplated holes (NPTH) Excellon 2 3/3 mm unplated.drl
Blind vias drill file from top to innerlayer 2 (for example) Excellon 2 3/3 mm topi2.drl
Buried vias drill file between innerlayer 2 and 3 (for example) Excellon 2 3/3 mm i2i3.drl


NOTE! The table shows the links between the most popular PCB features. If your work does not feature blind vias, for example, then there is no need to generate empty files.

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