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65 surprises only this summer!


Every working day in this summer we’ll draw a surprise to one of your order.
The winner work number will be announced every day, latest at 16.30 below to this post.
We’ll also send a personal note to the winner’s e-mail.

Valid 01.05-31.08.2018!


Order from us and win!


01.06 winner – work no. 40611 won 50% discount!

04.06 winner – work no. 40642 won a new price: before it cost 360,64 EUR and the new price is 270,48 EUR!

05.06 winner – work no. 40656 won 50% discount!

06.06 winner – work no. 40676 won a new price: before it cost 277,34 EUR and the new price is 135 EUR!

07.06 winner – work no. 40695 won a new price: before it cost 218,5 EUR and the new price is 160 EUR!

08.06 winner – work no. 40715 won 50% discount!

11.06 winner – work no. 40719 won 50% discount!

12.06 winner – work no. 40745 won a new price: before it cost 303,69 EUR and the new price is 178,64 EUR!

13.06 winner – work no. 40762 won 50% discount!

14.06 winner – work no. 40772 won 50% discount!

15.06 winner – work no. 40786 won 50% discount!

18.06 winner – work no. 40798 won a new price: before it cost 193,37 EUR and the new price is 100 EUR!

19.06 winner – work no. 40815 won 50% discount!

20.06 winner – work no. 29648 won a new price: before it cost 468 EUR and the new price is 280 EUR!

21.06 winner – work no. 40850 won 50% discount!

Customer feedback!


We received a feedback from our customer which hits our essence totally:

” Combination of good capabilities with reasonable price and very good lead times”

Easter 2018


Brandner PCB OÜ is closed on Friday 30.03.2018

All requests and orders will be handled again on Monday 02.04.2018


Who said Christmas wishes do not come true?

Now is your chance to get one proto PCB order with the discount you have ever wished.

Order with your wished discount comes true in January 2018.

The lucky one will be announced on 3rd of January 2018.

All you have to do is:

Like our FB or LinkedIn sites and comment the campaign picture saying the discount you would like to get.

Good luck!


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