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Stencils delivered with your board

We are happy to announce that together with Sincotron OÜ we offer for our customers the stencils delivered together with the PCB boards.
We can add the stencil to the price offer if you specify stencil requirements:

  • which side of your board do you need the stencil for;
  • final measurements of the stencil;
  • thickness of the stencil – available thicknesses from 0,075mm to 0,3 mm;
  • stencil fastening – the mark and model of the pneumatic frame in use, stencil outline etc;
  • stencil marking – available options engraved or stickered.

By your request the stencil will be covered with the soldering paste repellent so the paste does not stick in the stencil holes.
As the rule we can offer stencil for orders with standard lead time, for urgent matters we will specify case by case.
Our partner Sincotron OÜ offers stencils as sheets and in aluminum frames, step-stencils etc. For cutting a modern laser cutter is used, all stencils manufactured are tested in automated scan procedure.

External link to Sincotron OÜ webpage.

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