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1997 – OÜ Brandner PCB established.

1998 – Aquired assets of a bankrupted PCB manufactury.

1999 – First Electrical testing machine.

2000 – First new chemical line, ISO certification.

2001 – Renovating of manufacturing premises, new galvanical line, new wastewater cleaning plant.

2002 – New laboratory, first customers visit days.

2003 – Motivation system for employees, Preparation system for Soldermask.

2004 – Immersion tin process implemented (lead-free); Halogen free solder mask – driven by environmental approach. Multilayer printed circuit boards production started! Blind and buried via technology implemented.

2005 – Ultraspeed testing, X-ray drilling machine.

2005 June – Starting planning of new plant.

2005 – Lead – free HAL process (Sn/Cu/Ni) implementing.

January 2006 – beside the routing there is possibility for V-cut method/scoring. The PCB boards are placed side-by-side within the array with zero spacing between boards. The tolerance is +/- 0,3mm after breaking down. (If the board’s sizes need bigger accuracy or the boards are not within the array, the routing method should be taken in use).

January 2007 – There was opened new production plant and office building in Paide, the “ heart of Estonia.”

10.01.2007 – The very first shipment of PCB-s were released from our new factory.

2008 – We have made an investment for new drilling machine, with what we will achieve the drilling power up to 1 000 000 holes per day.

2008 – We have launched the technology that enables to drill the blind vias with a diameter 100µ. Via max depth can be 130µ, minimal annual ring 180µ. Mentioned technology is useful for sequential build up for multilayer pcb manufacturing.

2008 – New solder mask positioning device, which is equipped with a CCD cameras and it guarantees the accuracy of ±15µ.

2008 – New X- ray process that allows the sequential build ups.

2009 – the result of technological development we will achieve the annual rings 260µ that are connected through blind vias to the inner layers. Via’s diameter is 100µ and depth is 150µ. Aspect ratio is 1:1.5.

September 2009 – HDI printed circuit boards with 100µ blind vias manufactured in 24 hours.

2009 – The supplying solidity is 98.2%.

2010 – New website launched. Preparation for ENIG process.

2011 – ENIG process launched.

2012 – Capability to produce 24 layers. Previously it was 16.

2012 – starting aluminum base (IMS) boards manufacturing.

2013 – added automatic optical testing.

2013 – new online prototype PCB shop.

2014 – Impedance measurement capability.

2014 – On the trade fair ‘Electronica 2014’ Brandner PCB Ltd. was named as one of best exporting companies in Estonia.

2015 – Blind routing capability implemented.

01.06.2016 – Backdrilling capability implemented.

29.07.2016 – Brandner PCB Ltd Facebook page launched, https://www.facebook.com/BrandnerPCB/

19.01.2017 – New plotter installed – from now on we are able to process more designs simultaneously. Our up-to-date plotter gives to us more flexibility to answer incoming express work orders and enables to shorten the time between order was placed and actual manufacturing started.

10.07.2017 – New laminator installed.

September 2017 – Brandner PCB Ltd LinkedIn page launched http://www.linkedin.com

15.10.2017 – company celebrated 20 years anniversary.

8.12.2017 – modern website/webshop https://www.brandner.ee/

02.01.2018 10 years from the completion of the new production building.

03.02.2018 – New drilling machine has arrived. We have now capability for 20 000 holes per hour!

29.03.2018 In addition to others a new more powerful test machine began working.

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