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 For single and doublesided MC100,Tg 135°C
 For multilayer Tg 170°C
 Min thickness for DS&ML 0.36mm
 Min innerlayer thickness 0.1mm
 Min prepreg thickness 0.063mm
 Max thickness for DS&ML 2.4mm
 Materials on stock See here
 Max layer count 24



Holes and wires

 Min hole drilled 0.1mm
 Min blind via 0.1mm
 Max plugged hole with solder mask 0.4mm
 Min annular ring on innerlayer 0.1mm
 Min annular ring on outerlayer 0.05mm
 Aspect ratio 1:12
 Aspect ratio for blind vias 1:1
 Min distance drill to drill 0.15mm
 Min distance drill to plane 0.15mm(on innerlayer)
 Min landing pad for blind via 0.3mm(on innerlayer)
 Min innerlayer wire and gap 0.075mm
 Min outerlayer wire and gap 0.05mm
 Min distance from wire to border 0.2mm
 Min distance from V-cut to border



V-ura laskin



Solder mask and legend print

 Solder mask colors green, black, white, blue, red
 Solder mask thickness 20-25µ
 Min opening from pad 0.05mm/2mils
 Min dam width 0.075mm/3mils for green color
0.1 mm/4mils for other colors

NB! The vias with diameter 0.4 mm and smaller may contain solder mask residue!


 Legend print colors white, black
 Min line on legend print 0.1mm/3.9mils
 Tolerance of alignment ±25µ


NB! The markings with line thickness smaller than 0,1mm will be increased automatically!

The markings on the solder mask openings will be removed!



Pads plating

 Hot air levelling Felder SN99Ag+ 5-20µ
 Immersion gold ENIG Ni 3-6µ;Au 0.05-0.125µ




Min router bit 0.2mm
Max router bit 2.5mm
Routing tolerance ±0.1mm
V-cut 30°;min core 0.2mm
Min material thickness for V-cut 0.8mm
V-cut tolerance ±0.3mm
Min board dimensions 10 x 10mm
Max board dimensions 360 x 460mm
Blind and buried vias
Blind slots (Z-milling)
Yes, see here
Yes, see here
Yes, see here



Design rules

Outer layer

 Min pad for via min.hole + 0.2mm
 Min pad for component holes min.hole + 0.3mm
 Min conductor and space for foil 12µ 0.05mm
 Min conductor and space for foil 18µ 0.075mm
 Min conductor and space for foil 35µ 0.125mm
 Min conductor and space for foil 70µ 0.25mm
 Min distance between copper plane / hole 0.125mm
 Min distance between pad and copper 0.075mm
 Min distance from copper to V-cut center 0.4mm
 Min distance between wire and border 0.2mm



Inner layer

 Min pad min.hole + 0.3mm
 Min distance from copper plane and hole 0.2mm
 Min blind via landing pad via + 0.2mm
 Min conductor and space for foil 18µ 0.075mm
 Min conductor and space for foil 35µ 0.125mm
 Min conductor and space for foil 70µ 0.25mm


If our design rules do not meet your requirements please consult with our Sales Assistants!

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