ESTCube-1 Team Visited Brandner PCB


On the second week of August  ESTCubes’  international team visited Brandner PCB factory. The purpose of this visit was to get to know the factory, where are produced all printed circuit boards on  the first Estonian satellite board, which was sent into orbit. All printed circuit boards were produced by the schematics, which were maded by students.

According to the  ESTCubes’ programme manager Mart Noorma, is the place, where schemes, which were invented by students team, are poured into physical form, is very important. „For producing the printed circuit boards for satellite, we chose apart from other companies, who produce printed circuit boards, Brandner PCB thanks to their fast operating and high quality“, he explained.  By Noorma, Brandner PCB has shown itself from the best side, especially during last weeks of satellite completion, when new printed circuit boards where often needed in counted hours.

The student satellite team was so impressed of the tour in company, that they would like to co-operate also in the future. Besides production of printed circuit boards, the co-operation would include, that the chief technologist would share his knowledge with students within the lectures and students would have the opportunity to do their practice in Brandner PCB factory. / source: Järva Teataja