03.10.2017 On October 13th we have our workday shorter than usual
21.09.2017 Find your lucky card at Alihankinta-fair!
10.07.2017 Addition to our equipment - a new laminator installed
08.06.2017 Our factory is closed on June 23th for National Holiday
24.05.2017 We proudly present our Anniversary Logo
20.04.2017 Over 80% of our customers said we are the best!
15.02.2017 We'll celebrate Estonian Independence Day!
19.01.2017 New plotter helps us to keep up good speed
30.12.2016 A Happy, Prosperous New Year!
02.12.2016 Plan your orders concerning upcoming holidays
27.09.2016 We renewed our Terms of Delivery
01.09.2016 We started Saving for School and ended Berries campaign sucessfully!
29.07.2016 Meet us in Facebook!
01.06.2016 New capability in our list - BACKDRILLING available!
31.05.2016 Get your PCBs delivered together with the stencil
31.05.2016 Our calendar is published on our website
21.03.2016 Easter Holidays in Brandner
22.02.2016 Save your time and effort using our stackup builder
04.12.2015 Brandner Christmas Campaign
30.10.2015 New routing and drilling device
09.09.2015 Brandner offered practical workshop for board designers
13.03.2015 New Flying probe tester incoming, test speeds up to 3x faster
01.02.2015 Brandner PCB Ltd. receives positive feedback from clients of Electronica 2014 fair
10.10.2014 Brandner sponsors robot builders
05.08.2014 V-cut calculator now online
17.06.2014 Summer offer from Brandner
30.04.2014 Brandner PCB measures controlled impedance
12.03.2014 Protoshop was success
21.02.2014 Designer Info Days at Brandner PCB
10.01.2014 HDI build up construction is now online
26.11.2013 New PCB web shop from Brandner PCB
19.11.2013 Brandner PCB invests in speed
23.10.2013 FS Team welcomes visitors
10.10.2013 Question about Gerber format – necessity or nonsense?
29.08.2013 ESTCube-1 team visited Brandner PCB
13.05.2013 Brandner in space with EstCube-1
21.01.2013 The keyword in 2013 is CREATIVITY
22.08.2012 You are visiting our new homepage and that´s not all…
12.05.2011 The Finnish delegation visited Brandner PCB!
15.04.2011 Feedback from our customers!
23.02.2011 Raffle winner found!
19.01.2011 ENIG from Brandner PCB!